Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Monetize a Small Blog

I will start by saying that the book quality is good. The cover is made out of a strong material. It has a table of content to quick find a subject and the print is clear. I like that the book is written with lots of paragraphs which in my opinion is easier to read.

It is well written and easy to read. It teaches you how to have the right attitude at the starting point, which can really affect your path positively or negatively. It talks about very important topics about blogging such as advertising and the different ways. The book gives strategies that often people over look, like knowing your audience which is very important because when you write to the wrong audience you would soon have no audience. It all also talks about pricing. Many people charge too much which leads them to no business but other don’t get enough for the work for charging to little. The book overall is good, compacted and packed with information. The author seems to be pretty knowledgeable.
I recommend this book. Click Here for viewing

I got this product for free for my honest review