Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is a good company for Healthy Family because is save for kids and cruelty free.
I really like the smell of the wipes; it came with a package of four that is good. You can travel with it, not only have it at your house. This Multi- Purpose Wipes not just to use it for your hands but for your clothes as well.  This is safe for all washable items and surfaces.

These are the Benefits:
  • Biodegradable formula
  •  Contains and no phosphates, chlorine, or other unpleasant ingredients (so it’s safer for the environment).
  •  It is concentrated
  •   It is dermatologist tested and allergy tested.

This Company has also Legacy of Clean® SA8® Laundry Detergent. I got floral scent and this enhanced stain fighting formula, this detergent works even harder to leave your clothes clean and naturally soft. The triple-action concentrated formula helps you use less detergent, and contains ingredients that won’t harm your laundry and are safer for the earth. Found in the same great packaging, it’s a clean you can always trust.

This is the Benefits
  •  Works hard every day to leave your clothes clean and naturally soft.
  •  Rinses clean in all water temperatures, even in cold water.
  •  Biodegradable formula.
  •  No phosphates, chlorine, or other unpleasant ingredients, so it’s safer for the environment.
  •  Concentrated, so less is more.
  •  Dermatologist and allergy tested.
  • Safe and effective in all washers, even HE (high efficiency).

I won this on a giveaway from Instagram (i didn't had to do a review this 100% my own opinion)