Sunday, January 22, 2017

Perfectly Posh Samples and My Review

                                         Hi Ladies, this what I got from Deedee Madeupgirl

I got it say that smells so good when open the package that had all the samples

I also got a information of there products and there ingredients 
and if i want to Join as well.
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This Soap is Unisex and the name is Hunk Chunk

Smells so good and light as well, my skin feel clean it just leave my skin little dry other then that i love this soap.

Complexion Perfection is a face wash with Walnut shell powder to exfoliate and Peppermint oil and aloe ingredients. I can feel it working and you feel tingling on your face the peppermint working will the walnut helps you exfoliate and after I finish it leaves my skin soft not oily and it last. I really love it and smells so good not over power

This 3 samples is Exfoliation Daily Facewash and night and Day Natural Facial Moisturizer and The Anti-ageing Serum
First of all love how they all smell and feels good on my face when I use it and I been using it just for two days now and I love it. Smells grapefruit with peppermint that is the BFF Exfoliating Face Wash and I can feel it working on my face and leaves my face soft and feels super clean.

The Never Grow up Anti-Aging Serum smells light levanter and lemon love it as well and it’s not sticky or greasy and absorbs very well.

The Night and Day Facial Moisturizer smells like lavender and olive oil leaves my face super moisturize and it last all night and day. After using all 3 sample together my face feels tight but not for long time just a minute. This products are Vegan, Paraben Free No added colors and it is made in the USA.

This is the Stay Gold Hydrating Face Mask, let me tell you smell delicious, because has Honey and lemon essential oil. It left my skin soft and moisture, it doesn’t leave my skin oily or greasy at all.

 This is Sugar Mama and smells like caramel but it doesn’t stay in your body and is not overpowering and leaves your skin soft, I really like the fragrance and this is Paraben Free and Cruelty Free made in USA. The ingredients are Sea Salt, Polylactic Acid Beads. Honey and Shea Butter.
This is Cheers My Dear is a body Lotion and smells really good and leaves my skin soft. The fragrance is Fresh Pomegranate and Zing of spicy ginger love it. It is light scent and soft.

This is End Mend Shampoo Sulfate-Free with the Conditioner and some of the ingredients are Sunflower, Shea, Argan, Mango and Acai. Didn’t dry this sample because is too small for my thick curly hair but I did opened and smells so good. It is creamy the conditioner and the shampoo as well wao I wish I had the bottle.

My thoughts of Perfectly Posh is that has good products and good quality as well. They have vegan products as well and is made in USA and for me is important because we want more quality products made in our country.

If you want to Join this Company they have a $99 and comes with a package and you get you’re own website or if you just want to Join Rewards Program as well.

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I got this Samples for free exchange for my Honest Review and Unbiased Opinion.