Tuesday, February 28, 2017

RAW Beauty Minerals Valentines Beauty B-Box

MY RAW Beauty Minerals Valentines Beauty B-Box

                                                          Earthy Brown Blush Sample

Mocha Latte Eye Candy 

                                                         Fix-IT Fair Foundation Stick

                                                            Anti_aging Makeup Primer

                                                             Fair Foundation Powder



I'm using @rawbeautyminerals anti_aging Makeup primer and Fix-IT Stix Fair Foundation Stick, Fair Foundation Powder and Mocha Latte Eye Candy Eyeshadow and Earthy Brown Blush. What I like about this product are that's natural and the coverage is medium and for been natural that's awesome. Love the eyeshadow very beautiful and has this glitter. I use the blush but I just put little bit love the color as well. The face primer is too grease for me and the foundation Stick was easy to apply and blend well. The foundation powder it was little hard to apply but sit well. Overall I give it 4 of 5 Star #rawbeautyminerals#rawbeautybox #newyorknaturalme