Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kaiya Naturals Review


Chickie Gold Collection

I got the Cleanser, Toner, Dry Skin Moisturizer and Nourshing Mud Mask

Nourishing Mud Mask

What I like about this Nourishing Mud Mask, it is very gentle on my skin. I also like that you can smell all the ingredients. It smells like sunflower and lavender. It leaves my skin soft and not dry. Overall I really love this mask and it is all natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Chickie Gold TONER with Lavender

I like this Chickie Gold Toner with Lavender. It has lavender that helps with your skin and has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and witch hazel 14% alcohol. You can smell the lavender and it is not over powering. It helps me to get the extra dirt on my face. Overall I really like this Toner.

Chickie Gold 
Dry Skin Moisturizer

This Moisturizer can be use on your face and your feet.  I love how it smells so good like lavender. It is creamy texture and you just need little bit. It leaves my skin soft and smooth. Overall I like this moisturizer it leaves my skin moisturize all day.

Flowe Power Cleanser with Flower Petals

What I like about this Flower Power Cleanser is that it leaves my skin hydrate. It smells so good and you can smell rosemary oil extra. This Cleanser is natural ingredients and vegan, cruelty free. It is also Castile gel soap and lather very well.

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Disclosure: I Received this products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion and my own