Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Okay Pure Natuals Product Review

Okay Pure Naturals Product

Okay Pure Natural Bundle 
From Body Wash, Face & Body Lotion to Face Scrub
Hair Conditional

African Black Soap Lavender
what i think of  @okaypurenaturals Body wash ,I love this body wash and my Husband loves it!! First of all, after showering I felt so clean and not grease at all. My body was not dry. It was very refreshing. Its very relaxing as well,Even though is watery, it is actually very concentrated. It's lather very good .
African Black Soap with lavender oil which will help you achieve beautiful, healthier looking skin.
It Has no Parabens, 
No Sulfates 
No Artificial Colors


My skin is glowing love this Facial and my Husband too!! What I love about this Papaya Facial Scrub is that is natural and smells so good it left my skin don't and smooth and moisturize. It didn't leave my face greasy at all and I love that. It smells like sweet papaya delicious. 
It removes dirt, oil and dull skin. My Skin loves papaya scrub.
The walnut grains are not ruff on your skin very gentle on my skin. The texture is creamy and it has grain of walnut. It's 100% Paraben- Free and Sulfate and oil free.

Moisture & Growth

What i like about this Conditioner that it  leaves my hair shiny and soft. It smells so good and it is not greasy at all. This Conditioner is very moisture for hair that easy very dry and it help your hair growth as well. It is too soon to tell if my hair grow but it defiantly help my dry hair.
This Conditioner can be use as Co-Wash twice a week
Paraben and Sulfate Free


This Face & Body Lotion Smells so good. It's very moisturize and not greasy at all. It left my skin soft and smooth. It also has Natural Skin Defense and Protect your skin and also has Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It is creamy texture.

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Disclosure: I Received this products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion